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Startup Lean Workshop provides you the basic business modules with pizza and beer, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and focused mentoring and workshop sessions for your business or startup idea.

Date:  April 28th

Time: 10:00-3:30 pm

Location:  CoSpaces-  45 Nerang Street, Southport

Cost: $99




Level up is a 6 week training and mentoring program that is designed for both those who have an idea but have yet to take action on it,and those who are at the beginning stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

By the end of the course you will have a definite pathway forward and get traction on your startup (be it revenue or customers).

If you already have an existing business, it will provide you with the opportunity to re-tweak your business, create new services or products, to test and validate.

It will also encourage you to think bigger. Scale and create repeatable revenue generated by the business – revenue that ideally doesn’t rely solely on you.

Why this course?

Ideas are easy to come by, taking the first step towards implementing your idea is harder. We each have our own reasons for not starting- and trust me we have heard them all. Contrary to the popular narrative that seems to be going around – we don’t encourage you to quit your job or fire your boss- quite yet. We just want you to be able to test the waters and see if entrepreneurship is for you, and if your idea can translate into a building block of the empire you desire to build. We created the Level up starter program to give new and those longing to be entrepreneurs a no-nonsense easy-to -follow path to test validate and execute on the business idea.

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Empire building 101

Focus on uncovering what kind of empire you want to build (or how to modify the one you have), the mindset and some of the tools that will help you clarify this.

Don’t sniff the glue

Customer discovery and validation, as well as the assumptions and lenses through which we view the world and how they might influence how we look for validation.

Prototype me

How to create the most minimum viable product based on the feedback we have received from our customer discovery and validation

Are we there yet?

The wizard of Oz- How to set up the basic dashboards and geek out about metrics.

Assumption making

The basic pitch formula, and write up as many of the assumptions we have about our business using the business model canvas. We will also discuss dashboards, goals and keeping track of your ducks.

Back of the napkin math/ ramen profitable

Learn all about runways, cashflows, business models, bootstrapping vs. investment and touch on our relationship with money and mindset.

Hello is there anyone out there?

The difference between sales and marketing, sales funnels, cost of customer acquisition and how to find your tribe.