Yaazam- which means Entrepreneur or instigator in Hebrew, is the brainchild of Tiah Goldstein.

Founded in 2016, Yaazam is a consulting company specializing in design, implementation, and evaluation of programs and strategies within the areas of  Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Community Engagement.

We work with clients who are looking for engaging and effective strategies and programs that will help them increase their knowledge and interaction with creativity and entrepreneurship, build their resilience and team communication, as well as feel confident and clear around how to create, engage and foster strong relationships with their communities. 


Tiah Goldstein, the founder of Yaazam, has over 25 years of international experience in the design, delivery, coordination, and evaluation of programs and processes, in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, organizational change, professional development, and personal development. 

Some of her past clients include; Micah Projects, Startup apprentice, Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, the City of Vancouver, and many more.

In the past 7 years, she has created an facilitated action based entrepreneurial educational programs for the nonprofit sector and private sector. She also has facilitated many of the Startup Apprentice programs and has acted as a mentor to the Gold Coast Mayor technology awards, startup weekend and ilab.